How PrimeCoach Works?

Start your training journey by selecting your sport, your preferred training location (gym or home), the number of weekly sessions and the duration of your programme.
Perform self-screening so our smart technology can identify any movement dysfunction. You’ll be assigned a tailored pre-training corrective programme based on your screening result.
Become stronger, fitter and faster than ever before with our unique, sports specific programme tailored to your individual needs. Get in touch with your personal coach to check your progress and form with the Feedback setting.
Take your training to the next level so you perform at your best. Become a better athlete with Prime Coach.


Get fitter, stronger & faster using our intelligent online software that offers individually tailored strength & conditioning training plans for any athlete. Our programmes are designed by accredited strength & conditioning coaches with years of experience. Programmes are tailored specifically to each athlete’s training needs & goals covering a range of disciplines for amateur, semi-professional & professional athletes.


Help your athletes train harder and perform better with our smart strength & conditioning training plans. With programmes designed by expert strength & conditioning coaches, you can create a training plan that can be tailored specifically to each of your athlete’s training needs & goals. Our programmes cover a range of sports for amateur, semi-professional & professional athletes.

Our unique software is designed with athletes like you in mind. Our easy to follow, individually tailored programmes will help you to take your performance to the next level.

Simply select your sport and start your journey to become a faster, stronger, better athlete

Our Coaches

Created by our leading strength and conditioning coaches, our programmes are designed to help you reach your full athletic potential. You’ll be assigned an expert coach in your field who’ll provide advice and support to help you enhance your performance.

Over the last decade, Piotr has worked with some of the best universities, and athletes in the world. He holds an MSc in Sports Therapy, a BSc in Sports Science and Medicine, and is an accredited strength and conditioning coach through the UKSCA. He’s currently employed at Anglia Ruskin University as a lecturer/practitioner in Sport and Exercise Therapy.

Founder of Prime Coach, Piotr combined the smarts of AI technology with his years of experience in the field and his in-depth knowledge, to create a system that supports athletes and coaches throughout the year.

Piotr Golaszczyk
Founder | Strength & Conditioning Coach

With a BSc (Hons) in Psychology, and a Premier Diploma in Personal Training, James has a wealth of knowledge. James has over 3 years of experience as a strength and conditioning coach; he’s currently employed at the University of Cambridge, and is pursuing his UKSCA accreditation.

He’s previously worked on The Bristol School Sports Partnership’s Gifted and Talented Young Athlete’s programme, training some of the most talented youth athletes in the region. He’s worked with athletes from a range of clubs and sports, including American football, cricket, fencing and lightweight rowing. His unrivalled knowledge and experience have been invaluable in the creation of Prime Coach.

James Meadows
Strength & Conditioning Coach

Josh graduated with both an MSc in Applied Sport Physiology and a BSc in Sport Coaching from the University of Brighton. During his studies, Josh worked with elite sporting institutes, including Sussex County Cricket, Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club and the Sport and Exercise Science Consultancy Unit at The University of Brighton.

Currently, Josh works as a Strength & Conditioning Coach at the University of Cambridge, delivering S&C services to both local and university athletes. In this role, Josh coaches several team sports and individual athletes, with many of them currently competing at national or international levels. Aside from S&C, Josh has a Football coaching role at various primary school clubs.

Josh Gooden
Strength & Conditioning Coach
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